Lyon City Crunch Community manager, head of partnerships

At LyonCityCrunch (which was Lyon69 at that time), I have been in charge of Community Management and advertising partnerships. We enhanced our Twitter & Facebook presence by gaining a considerable amount of new fans and engaging our readers with some contests. I was also in charge of the first edition of the "Pochette Timbrée" which is kind of a "Surprise box" with some coupons to get real world products (not discounts) is selected trendy stores. I contacted the partner stores, arranged the contracts and set up the e-commerce website.

Quel geek êtes-vous ? Rails development

As a side project at LyonCityCrunch, I have had to craft a Facebook Application. It is a quizz application which tells you what "kind of geek" you are depending on your responses. I had to learn Facebook API mechanisms and Koala (a ruby GEM) / OAuth interaction. This job was done in a week with strong time constraints.


Entreprise Facile gestion-de-chantier.org

During my second internship at Entreprise Facile, I built with JavaScript and Rails the foundations of a new component of the website called gestion-de-chantier.org where we had to deal with plannings, shifts and Gantt diagrams so that public works companies can manage and dispatch their whole staff and ressources.


Plus And More Freelancing

I built the whole website full-stack. From backend and back-office to front-end design.

Ruby's floyd An algorithm implementation

As a side-project from school, I implemented in Ruby the Floyd's algorithm so that you can easily find the shortest path between two points.

OVH GApps Google apps deployment automation

I developed a tiny script to automate Google Apps custom domain settings with the french OVH registrar.


Entreprise Facile communaute-des-entrepreneurs.com

For my very first internship, I worked on communaute-des-entrepreneurs.com website. I redesigned some part of the website (don't blame me it was 4 years ago), implemented new features and enhanced SEO.


Larius France Freelancing

The very first commercial website I released. I started to learn rails with that project, it took me some times and the design was clearly not the best but the clients had a functional backoffice to manage the categories, sub-categories, products and the articles. (Un)fortunately it is not online anymore.